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Korean Actor SungHoon going on a world tour

South Korean popular actor SungHoon will be on a world tour soon to the delight of his international fans . The Korean Actor will hold the international fan meeting and shows at Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada , Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and United States of America .

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During these events , SungHoon will showcase his singing skill , DJ some songs and there are also news that mystery gifts are place for his fans . The actor , popular for many Korean Dramas which includes The birth of a Family and Five Children .

In this year he also participated in 2 popular Korean Reality Series , Secretly Greatly and Law of the Jungle film at New Zealand . One of his TV Drama also just finished air its last episode in OCN network ( My Secret Romance )

We will continue to update the news and stay tune for more updates on SungHoon world Tour .