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Jisoo Blackpink Facts and lovely details

Jisoo BlackPink Facts and details in latest edition of our KPOP profile .

Simple Jisoo Profile , she was born on 3rd January 1995 in Seoul South Korea. Jisoo is the youngest child in the family , and she has 1 older brother and 1 older sister .

She knows Korean ( her native tongue ), Japanese and a little bit of English . On her position , she is flexible as there are no special positions in BlackPink .

She can be a lead vocal , singer and even rapper though most rapping in BlackPink’s music videos were done by Lisa  . We assume the “no special fixed position” for group members is one of the reason for impressive success of BlackPink. Continue to Jisoo Fun Facts below .

Jisoo Fun Facts 

  • Though she cannot speaks well in English , she can understand the language without any problem.
  • She was born under the Dog Sign in Chinese Zodiac .
  • Some of her closest friends are in the KPOP industry too . Her best friend includes Got7’s JinYoung and NCT’s Doyoung . In fact , these three lovely friends have their very own private chat-room . Jisoo is also known to be best friend with Nayeon from Twice.
  • Jisoo Love pikachu and she has a lot of Pikachu merchandise . Another KPOP star that we know love Pikachu is none other than Kim Hyuna .

Jisoo with her dog Dalgom

  • Jisoo is a dog lover and has a dog called Dalgom .
  • Jisoo was a popular student back in her high school years because of her kindness and of course the beautiful visual .
  • Jisoo is great with musical instruments . She can play the guitar and drums .
  • Jisoo love to eat , and she love any kinds of foods . She also revealed that she had eaten paper before while in pre-school .
  • Jisoo likes to see other people happy and she occasionally surprises you with her cute antics . One such example was when Jisoo’s dog, Dalgum pooped on the couch and Jisoo just funnily accused Lisa was the one that did the pooping .
  • Jisoo reveal that she dreams every night ( she is a lucid dreamer ) and she will get confused on whether the occasions was real or just simply a dream . Now being more mature and older she can differentiate it well .

With this we finished up our topic of Blackpink Jisoo Fun Facts . We hope you like what we did .