IKON’s Yunhyeong Answered Personal Questions during Fan Chat

    Ikon Yunhyeong interview fan chat

    During the latest live chat in VLIVE , IKON’s Yunhyeong took the effort to answer personal questions from fans during the funny live cam moments .

    Some of the questions that came out for Yunhyeong includes his personal favorite and what his likes and dislikes . His answers are below .

    What movie that you like ?

    Yunhyeong Answer : I like action movie , and hero movie ( superhero or fantasy type ) and dislike horror or scary movie especially ghost movie . I hate Cruel things . After watched scary movie i cannot sleep alone , scared it appeared in my dream . I’m easily terrified .

    Members who scared easily ? 

    Yunhyeong Answer : Of course it is June . June is easily scared . IKON members like riding fun rides and trilling stuff . He miss out on those ride because he can’t rides thrilling thing especially the scary pirate ship . He (is) scared of it .

    Who is the best looking guy in IKON ?

    Yunhyeong Answer : I guess fan think there  is none ( he answered humbly and continued) I think the best looking is Chan Woo , his chubby cheek become slim , he has well defined features and he is becoming more handsome these days .

    Who is the second best cooker , after your ? 

    Yunhyeong Answer : Jin Hwan , other than that  , IKON members are not good at cooking stuff . When Jin Hwan cooked fried rice , he always cook until all the liquid evaporates .

    The best dish that Jin Hwan ever cooked ? 

    Yunhyeong Answer : Fried rice . He had only cooked fried rice . ( he answer with a playful laugh )

    Before the fan chat ended , he took one request from fans and happily obliged . The task was for him to say ” I love You” for 3 times which Yunhyeong did with a happy and playful face .

    It is always great for fans to be able to interact with their KPOP bias and learn more about their idols .