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House of Cards Season 5 episode one released

House of Cards season 5 episode one finally released and it did not disappoint at all . in fact the first episode makes many fans predictions about the on going series theme this season turns out to be true .

As House of Cards always follows what’s happening in the real life and try to follow suit , Season 5 opens up with the possibility of major chaos especially with the Underwoods declaring war on their enemies – Republicans and anyone that stands in their way of re-elections .

President Frank is back with his usual antics , and in this first episode Claire is becoming stronger and maybe hatch a plan or two in the upcoming episodes . The moment when she told Frank that they needs to crank up the fear factor make us wonder what she will do next .

The first episode of House of Cards season 5 alone cover much ground left unanswered , like will the Underwood fall early because of their past coming out and published in newspaper , the answer is not yet ! and not so fast . With the nation in the state of fear and possibility of army state , The underwoods manage to incorporate fear factor into their advantage .

After a Dull season 3 , seems like season 5 will pick up the pace and back to the original House Of cards that we love when we saw the Underwoods for the first time in Season 1 .