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Honest Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is finally here and we review how the movie is so far . DC had been quite disappointing in recent years as most of the Superhero Movies was dominated by Marvel .

From The Avengers to X Men , Marvel spins out one success after another . DC finally gets it right with Wonder Woman . Granted it is not perfect , Wonder Woman movie is still one of the best from DC and Superhero movies in general speaking .

Warning , Some spoilers of Wonder Woman in our review below .

The movie opened up with a back history of how the Amazonian came into existence ( they were created by Gods in order to stop the war among mankind because of Aries influence . Aries is the God of war )

When all failed , the father of Gods , Zeus fight with Aries and resulted the death to all Gods beside Himself and Aries . Zeus won the war but was heavily wounded . Before his demise , he left a weapon that can destroy Aries into the hand of Amazonian and entrusted them to save the world one day .

Above is the opening and backstory of Wonder Woman Movie . Now for the story progressions , it was kind of slow and there were some dull moments here and there but those moments only last for 2 to 3 minutes each .

The story itself is very believable in terms of fictional superhero movie . Unlike one recent blockbuster that showed a group of street racer can defeat an entire army and evade bombs like superhero .

CGI is superb with many slow motions especially when it centers around Wonder Woman . When she fight , when she jumps or when she did anything beyond human skills , there weill be slow motion . And we certainly did not mind one bit .

Acting from the casts were alright . Not top notch but definitely worthy of attentions . Steve did a great job , so did the beautiful Gal Gadot . Her expression and teary eye moments proves that she can really act well . She fully showed Wonder Woman naiveness around her new world perfectly .

All in all , Wonder woman is a great movie . A blockbuster movie that you can watch again and again . In our opinion , the movie deserve a 9 out 10 .