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Han SeoHee picture and more details comes to light

In the event of T.O.P marijuana case , the woman who named him to be with her during the smoking session has come to light . It was said the woman has Han SeoHee , a former trainee under JellyFish Entertainment .

Han SeoHee picture

According to sources she was a 22 years old woman born in 1995 . And even before her debut , she was reported to be quite popular as there was a fan Club formed by her fans . Han Seo Hee was on a MBC kpop talent show The Birth of a Great Star 3 in 2012 .

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After her stints in the MBC music show , there are some agencies who expressed their desired to sign the trainee but she eventually ended up with JellyFish Entertainment .

JellyFish entertainment already released a statement regarding the whole issue which said Han SeoHee contract was already expired and she is currently not sign under them .