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Game of Throne Season 7 is finally here .

Game of Throne Season 7 is just around the corner . The huge popular US Fantasy Drama will arrive in HBO on Sunday , July 16th this year .

With all the leads characters already finding their means for revenge , Season 7 Game of Throne will is expected to be chaotic .

Now if season 8 will really be the show’s season finale , then we supposed Game of Throne season 7 will finally connects most of the missing dots and sets season 8 into one long episodes of ongoing battle .

What to expect in Game of Throne Season 7 ? Our predictions .

  • Daenerys Targaryen to land in Westeros .
  • More regular character fallen by the doing of Arya Stark
  • At least one Major lead character to be killed off . Game of Throne was famously known on this part .
  • Cersei Lannister hunger for power grows so much that even Jaime Lannister might be afraid of the Queen . Now that she already sat on the cursed “Iron Throne” , what’s left are her enemies outside Kings landing .

Though Game of Throne is based on “A Song Of Ice And Fire” , we can’t really be sure it will completely follows the story line since there were already some changes  .Be sure to watch game of Throne premier this July 16th on HBO