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Game Of Thrones Season 7 is almost here

Aside from KPOP , are you a fan of the US high budget Drama Game Of Throne ? The drama be on air on July 17 this year on HBO .

Now entering its seventh season , The highly international popular Adventure Drama has an enormous amounts of following in the world . The world is Game of Throne is currently heading towards one ultimate battle where Most main character already found the means and support to launch an all out attack towards their enemy .

In season 6 finale , The Winds of Winter , we saw Cercei finally claim the throne in King’s Landing by blowing up her enemies with wild fires , The explanation and backstory on how Hodor gets his name ( Hold the Door ) , Daenerys Targaryen sailing to the King’s Landing with her dragons and armies of unsullied and Jon Snow crowned as Kings of the North .

Check out the trailer for Game of throne season 7 below .

How will all these play out ? Some of the main character is destined for doomed as Game of Throne is known to kill off anyone , including fans favorite and main character without any hesitation .