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G Dragon Protested that Kwon Ji Yong be counted as an Album

Recent News from G Dragon camp , the Kpop Singer replied to recent controversies surrounding his new album Kwon Ji Yong .

One of the Korean Music Chart association reportedly claimed that Kwon Ji Yong cannot be counted as an album since it was released in the form of USB drive and furthermore inside the drive there were no actual songs but redirect users to website where fans can download music tracks and images .

As per South Korean Music Law , Album refer to any physical object that contains music .

What do you think about this ? Is Kwon Ji Yong should be considered as an album ? In our opinion the reason why it was released in this state was to stop the rampant piracy though it effectiveness is considerable , or it G Dragon way to show his uniqueness to his fans .

If Kwon Ji Yong confirmed to be not counted an an actual album then it will greatly effect G Dragon Charting and his sales data in Korean Entertainment .