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Fresh Underated K-PoP band Marmello in the over crowded KPOP industry

The KPOP industry has lots of groups and single idols debuting each year but only some will survived and many will just fade into oblivion . Latest K-POP group on the block , the underrated Marmello is out to capture  KPOP Lovers attentions.

Though some might not know the KPOP band , since they are not from “big 3 Producer” companies in South Korea , the group itself brings something new and fresh to the table in the over crowded KPOP industry.

Some might say that there are not too many group or single idol that debuts each year , but the reality is many of these hopeful debuts fly under the radar since Established KPOP news site never did a cover on them . Especially when every site is chasing to write about the most popular.

We found Marmello to be a some kind of a gem . Though the band idea is not new , and in KPOP industry there were such similar groups before such as Kiwi and Bebop , many could not last for long . Unlike most KPOP group these day where focus are in the dancing plus singing , the band idea if marketed properly can gain huge fame .

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Remember the golden age of JPOP , these girls remind us of those time as well . Even their music have a little resemblance to the joyful rocking of JPOP .

With their talents in music , we truly believe with better coverage the group will go far and achieve what their predecessor can’t .