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EXO will release a comeback album this summer

Popular South Korean KPOP group EXO said on Sunday that they will release a new album this summer . The group also dropped hint on the album detail during the press release . According to EXO the new album will be related to the hotness in the summer .

We are not sure what it might be , maybe the album will be featuring lots of dance tracks or maybe some of the MV will be shoot at beach is up to anyone guess .

The message from EXO translated from Korean ,

“We expect the song to hit hard the summer season , A spoiler would be the phrase oh, it’s hot often said under the heat.”

Members of EXO , Baekhun 

EXO is one of the current biggest and most Popular Kpop Boy Group . The group just wrapped up their successful third world tour titled EXO PLANET #3 The EXO’rDIUM and is now back in South Korea .