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Dream Catcher New Album out on July 27

KPOP Girls Group Dream Catcher will release a new album this July 27 . The 7 members group debuted back in 2014 . Just like their name , the group theme now has been changed to “mysterious” and we expect the same for this new album as well .

Originally called Minx , the group change their name into Dream Catcher and added two new members ( standing at 7 currently ) before officially debuting under this new name in January 2017 .

Some of their popular songs under the KPOP act Minx includes  Why Did You Come To My Home and Love Shake .

Music Video for Why Did You Come To My Home 

Their Music is upbeat style with lots of rapping prior the formation of Dream Catcher . Let’s hope the group will remain intact and get mainstream support with their brand new name.