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Cosmic Girls First Full Album is Out

Cosmic Girls released their first full album today . The girl group debuts in the early 2016 and already made a name for them-self in K POP World .

From their multi national members , Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao and Mei Qi are Chinese Nationals while others are Korean . The group is quite a hit back in China as well . Not only as a group each members also promoted Cosmic Girls Individually for example Chen Xiao in the Idol Olympics receive a lot of attentions due to her flexibility and dancing skills.

Cosmic Girls first ever full length album title is Happy Moment and will release on June 7th . One of the main draw beside the group first time releasing full length album was the titled track Happy . The song was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung . B.E Pilseung is one of the much sought after producer for their success in Twice’s TT and Sistar’s Touch my Body .