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The Charismatic South Korean Singer Yang Da IL

If you haven’t heard about Yang Da IL , make sure to check out this talented singer . He is a singer and songwriter that specialised with meaningful Lyrics . Aside from this , he is an actor as well . His singing style is more towards ballads and slow song and we think it really matched him nicely .

Some of his songs that we recommend includes Stay With You and She Didn’t Love Me .

You can check out Yang Da Il songs below .

Born in 1992 , the singer is currently with Brandnew Music since 2011 and aside from his singles , he also participate in many collaborations with one of the latest being the song “And Then” with KPOP Idol Hyorin . Debuted 2 years ago in October 2015 , his singing voice captured our attentions especially the track where he sang together with Hyorin is one of our favorite .

His collaboration with Hyorin Music Video