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BTS Jimin Fashion that we love

Wants to looks more like BTS jimin ? then we are here to presents 7 of Jimin’s favorite fashion that we love .

The cute Jimin is known not only for his fluency in English but also for his fashion forward style as well . check out the 7 fashion that we love the most from him . ( These fashion of course does not includes when they are performing , because if included there are just way too many that we love ! )

Bts jimin fashion

Most of the fashion we shows here are from his trips to and from airport . If you like it , then we also have Korean Idol airport fashion that we absolutely love .

Who says that long Shirts are out ? Jimin proves that with the correct paring , Long Shirts can be very in style and trendy .

When Jimin is in his casual wear , is when he looks the trendiest in our opinion . And these kind of fashion also appease to us since it can easily be copied by fans who just love BTS fashion .

BTS jimin airport fashion