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Hot KPOP News, BlackPink Breaks 24 hours International Youtube Records

Hot Kpop News today , Blackpink break 24 hours international Youtube view records with their new music video As if it’s your last .

Uploaded on June 22 at 6 P.M KST the music video for As if it’s your last reached 12.6 millions views within 22 hours . The group successfully break many records hold by other KPOP group in terms of most views Youtube video in 24 hours .

Highest viewed numbers within 24 hours of KPOP Music Video Released :

PSY for the video Hangover , 12.9 million Views

BTS for the Video Spring Days , 9.4 millions views

BlackPink Video As if it was uploaded on June 22 , (UTC): 09:00:01 Time . The video garnered more than 7 million views within the first 12 hours of upload and the number of views continue to rise rapidly .

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BlackPink Latest updated performance in 6 major South Korean Charts .

  • Genie – No 1
  • Bugs – No 1
  • Naver – No 1
  • Soridaba – No 1

In international stage , BlackPink broke the records by One Direction Story of My life released back in 2013 . One Direction view records at that time was 12.5 millions views on their first 24 hours . At the time of this post , BlackPink Video already reached 12.6 millions views in 22 just 22 hours .

Latest Blackpink Video Update , As if it’s your last reached 13.3 Millions in 24 hours Replacing PSY most watched video in 24 hours .

Currently Blackpink is the new Record Holder for KPOP Group to have the most viewed video in 24 hours . Congratulations .