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BlackPink Release New Album This Month

BlackPink is confirmed to release a new album this month according to their agency YG entertainment . Though no specific date is set , the agency claimed BlackPink will release a new album sometime in the mid of June . Which typically means around 1 weeks or so from now . We are sure that BLINKS world wide are exited about the news .

That means by the end of this months , YG will have 2 new album released , one from G Dragon new album , and another one from BlackPink .

BlackPink debut in Japan , where the group will have Japanese Version of Songs is also quite near now . On June 20th . The girl group will go back to Japan in mid August to perform at one of the country’s biggest music festival A Nation .

Ever since the group’s debut back in August last year , BlackPink has enjoyed massive international popularity especially with three of their most popular songs , Whistle , Playing With Fire and Boombayah.