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Best Running Man Episode Mega List Part 1

With so many great moments and episodes in Running Man, it is actually quite hard to to pick which is the best episodes. Because from many listing we found out that many bound to list out earlier episodes, today we will do a mega list of best Running Man episodes where you can re-watch or as an recommendations for beginners.

We divided this best of Running Man Episodes into 4 parts in order not to make the post too long. In the 7 years of Running Man History, the show has gone through 4 time major changes with the departure of Lizzy from After School, Song Joong Ki, Kang Gary and finally adding two extra new members to the cast.

With 9 members, Running Man continue to wow fans all over the world even though not every episode is worthy to the title especially when regular game like Name Tag Tearing has been incorporated less and less.

Best Running Man Episode from their early years.

Episode 1

This is a must watch for beginners. In this episode Lee Hyo Ri pass down her variety wisdom unto the boys from how to cheat to how to act cute and get a pass.

Episode  2 and 3 

These two are actually one big episodes where we see the cast members doing some really scary task and the moments where guest realized Running Man is not your average variety show but full of actions.

Episode 4

When Kim Jong Kook actually claim his stakes on the name Sparta ! From this episode onward, every Running Man will not questions his strength ever again. The most epic moment was when Kim Jong Kook held onto his name tag for 20 minutes long with 4 members trying to get rid of him.

Episodes 35 and 36 

The first appearance by the Ace Yong Hwa from CnBlue. The mission is also very funny and exciting with Daesung and YongHwa hiding from Running Man members and provided many intense moments. When Daesung said his VJ was the reason he get caught was down right funny.

Episode 41 

A very heart warming episodes with great game as well. The moment when Joong Ki declared his departure from Running Man was sad and really tear jerking. Song Ji Hyo cried and can be seen comforted by fellow cast members.

Running Man 50 and 51

The first ever episode of overseas Running Man. Shot in Thailand, Running Man experienced many popularity and we saw Jong Kook as a scary thief for the first time. Nick Khun performance in this episode was epic as well.

Running Man 52 and 53

The beginning of multiple nightmares for Yoo Jae Suk. Very fun two episodes the cast members having fun all day long. The last part we saw Yoo Jae Suk betrayed Choi Min Soo and thus the beginning of the famed grasshopper hunting series.

Running Man 60

Definitely one of the best episodes of Running Man and most talked about. The cast came together to fool Gary but even after so many years, It remains a question whether Gary knows what happened or not. Most watch episode for any Running Man fans.

Other recommended Running Man Earlier episodes includes: 

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With this we concluded our first part of Best Running Man episode list, remember to wait for our upcoming parts. Until then, re-watch above episodes and we guaranteed that you will fall in love Running Man.