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Best Place to Buy Original Kpop Merchandise Online

Are you looking for reputable sites to buy KPOP Merchandise online ? We are here to help . Today we list 3 best sources for KPOP online stores and some additional tips on how to find original places to collect latest KPOP memorabilia and albums .

One of the biggest online site for Original Asian Celebrity Merchandise . Not only in KPOP , the website also sells collectibles from Japanese and Hong Kong Entertainment as well . Here you can find latest KPOP idol’s photo book and even Pre-order albums from your favorite KPOP Bias.

Ebay and Amazon

These two world supernova E commerce sites are great place to find almost any sorts of KPOP merchandise and memorabilia . Signed posters and Figurines are among the hottest selling items in KPOP category . Best thing about Ebay and Amazon are their safety issue on online transaction and trustworthiness of course .

Original KPOP Group Market Place

By Original we meant straight from the source . What’s more original than buying from your Bias KPOP agency ? Many Agency and KPOP Group have their very own KPOP Store and It’s simply a Google search away to find the source . We list two stores for your reference below .

Here you can get all the Korean Artist Merchandise under YG Entertainment from BlackPINK to Big Bang . Custom made Key-chain , cap , socks to cosmetic products .

For A.R.M.Y or BTS fans , you can straight head on to knowing you are purchasing from the best place . As a side note , some items are limited editions and easily sold out once released . Currently latest items on the site are “BTS Wings Concept Book” and “BTS 3rd Muster” ( Blu-ray version ) .

Famous places for scammers to sell KPOP merchandise

Always be careful on website , forum or social media post selling autographed KPOP memorabilia or albums . Even in E commerce , try to buy from certified sellers with lots of positive comments since autographed items are limited and scammers will love the opportunity for fast cash .

As a final note , Do buy only original merchandise since pirated version will never contribute anything towards your favorite KPOP idols or groups .