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Best KPOP Idol Male Hairstyle Inspiration

Want be to looks like a KPOP idol? Today we list out some of the best KPOP Idol Male Hairstyle that’s in trend and easy to follow. From hottest Boy bands today to legends in KPOP industry, we summed up all the best looking hairstyle.

BTS Jungkook Hairstyle. Overall clean look, and easy to fashion.

jungkook hairstyle black

Seventeen member JeongHan long swanky hairstyle is perfect for those who love to looks beautiful and handsome at the same time. Just bear in mind that long hair for men will need extra care.


When it comes to fashion and hairstyle, the fashionista in KPOP industry must be mentioned. The front-runner and trend maker G Dragon. Though over the years, GD had a lot of different styling, we love this the best as It’s perfect for work and leisure.

g dragon hair style

EXO member Kai Hairstyle

exo kai hairstyle

KPOP boy band Got7 Jackson Wang hairstyle

Of course we won’t miss out this clean and ready to go hairstyle from Rain. Even after so many years in the KPOP industry, Rain is still highly popular and regarded as is widely respected for his contributions in expanding the KPOP culture all around the globe.

Singer Rain Hairstyle

Super Junior Choi Siwon. The handsome member from Super Junior looks great in this spiky hairstyle.

choi si won haiirstyle

Teen Top L Joe Bright Red Hairstyle

teen top l joe hair style

Middle parted Hairstyle from Winner member JinWoo

Another Long Hair Fashion that looks great, Ren from Nuest. Dubbed the king of Blonde, Ren long hairstyle looks flawlessly beautiful.

Like our Hairstyle from KPOP idols? Since this is only a list of 10, stay tuned for more similar list in our upcoming post.