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Best Infinity Challenge Episode to Watch Over and Over

Infinity Challenge is refer as the King of Variety show in South Korea . Today we will list down best and must watch episodes of Infinity Challenge .Though the show is not as famous outside Korea we bet you at least must had heard of Infinity challenge before .

Lets continue to episodes of Infinity Challenge where you can watch over and over again without getting bored .

Here we exclude episodes before the year 2010 , and only list down on more recent release from 2010 to 2016 .

Must watch Infinity Challenge Episode

Infinity Challenge episode 193 and 194 – Infinity Challenge Legal Eagles : Be Careful of What You Said .

Funny to the bone . Real life professional lawyers and comedian together fighting for case in a made up courtroom .The most funny moment came when Yoo Jae Suk was accused of being fake by none other than his good sister Lee Hyori .

Infinity Challenge episode 253 , 254 , 255 and 256 – 2011 Infinite Challenge West Coast Expressway Song Festival .

For music lovers , these 4 episodes will be a treat . Experience behind the screen and preparations for a concert and then the actual concert itself . With guest of South Korean Kpop Idols and famous singers like PSY , G Dragon and Bada ( she’s a former member of S.E.S ) this is definitely a must watch Even for non comedy fan.

Infinity Challenge episode 347 and 348 – Runaway with the Money Bag 2 – The Attack of the 100 Baldies

The concept was chasing game and finding hidden clue . Just like some episodes from Running Man but with more one liner jokes . The best part , when Infinity Challenge members trying to find Gil among the hundred Bald men , since he was also bald at that time .

Again Any episode with Music Festival as Theme is considered must watch .

List of Infinity Challenge Music Festival episodes , ( the music festival only happens once every two year )

Infinity Challenge episode 351 , 352 and 353 . 354 – 2013 Infinite Challenge Freeway Song Festival . Guest includes BoA , Kiha & The Faces, BoA, G-Dragon, Kim C, You Hee-yeol, Primary, sweet sorrow and Rose Motel

In this episode we learned HAHA dream was to be in YG . He then together with Korean band Kiha & The Faces went into YG cafeteria and cheekily ate there ( he did this without any sort of invitations from YG ) The moment was straight up funny .

Infinity Challenge episode 435 , 436 . 437 , 438 , 439 , 440 – 2015 Infinite Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival . Performing guests . IU, Zion T, G-Dragon and Taeyang from BigBang, JYP ( Park Jin-Young ) , Yoon Sang, and Band Hyukoh

Infinity Challenge episode 360 , 361 , and 362  – Lonely Buddy festival

In our opinion , these 3 ranked as the best episodes of infinity Challenge in 2013 . Many KPOP Idols , Korean Celebrities and Actress were invited for this project .

Guests :  Ji Sang-ryeol,Jin Goo, Ryu Seung-soo, Kim Na-young, Park Hwi-sun, Yang Pyung , Sunny form snsd , Daesung from Big Bang), Narsha, Ahn Young-mi, Shin Sung-woo, Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang-hee .

The episode was actually about party on Christmas Eve for lonely celebrities ( celebrities without friends that night )

Infinity Challenge episode 377 , 378 , 379 , 380 and 381

We saw how immensely popular was the show when Infinity Challenge held country wide elections for the President post which was won by Yoo Jae Suk of course .Though he was being challenge hard by Noh Hong Chul and only won by a small margin .

These episodes cemented Infinity Challenge as the KING of variety show in South Korea .

Other must watch episode of Infinity challenge in 2014

  • Episode 393 , 394 , 395 – I Am Your Biggest Fan: Camping Special
  • Episode 404 and 405 – The war of Money

The year 2015 saw Infinity Challenge lost two of their regular Mcs , Noh Hong Chul and Gil through controversies . With this , Infinity challenge held 6 episodes long of member search titled Sixth Men – Secret Member in 419 , 420 , 421 , 422 , 423 ,and 424 .

Hwang Kwang Hee eventually became a permanent member on Infinity challenge . Even though his start was kind of rocky , fans began to accept his comedic persona and charm later on .

Infinity Challenge episode 473 , 474 . 480 , 481 and 482 – wedding singers .

The comedic team gave surprise performance for wedding couples and guests includes Sung Si-kyung, Jung Sung-hwa, Jung Sang-hoon, Lee Joon, Yoon Doo-joon, Jung Yong-hwa, Jang Beom-joon Byul ( Haha’s wife ) and Lee Juck

Must watch infinity challenge Episode in 2017

Dancing with Hyori Infinity Challenge 534 and 535

To us , best episodes in 2017 are the one that featured Lee Hyori . Her transformation over the years will shock viewers . Not only she is now more mature , Lee Hyori ability in Yoga surprised us .

What do you think of our Best Infinity Challenge Mega-list  . If you think we miss out on some episodes , do let us know .