Beautiful Hyomin from Seoul Fashion Week


    We all knows that Hyomin from T-ara is beautiful . Her visual and cute cat like smile is always mesmerizing . And her fashion choices always top notch and receive high marks from us . During the fashion show she shows a funny side of hers as well .Check out Hyomin looking beautifully and cute while attending fashion show at Seoul Last Year .

    Hyomin teaches us what to do when in a fashion show .

    First looks up , and then looks down .

    Hyomin shocked photo
    Seems Like Hyomin saw some fashion style that shocks her .
    Hyomin capture photo
    Hyomin capturing the fashion that steals her attentions . Maybe ?

    hyomin taking photo
    Hyomin Mission Accomplish

    Mission accomplish ? Seems like Hyomin successfully sent or uploaded the photo .