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Actor Kim Woo Bin began Treatment for rare Nasopharyngeal cancer

Highly popular Korean Actor Kim Wo Bin has been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer . The rare cancer is a form of cancer that occurs in the upper part of the pharynx, located behind the nose and above the back of the throat.

According to statement from his agency

“While carrying out his schedules, Kim visited a hospital after sensing abnormalities in his body. He was later diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer,”
Sidus HQ, Kim Wo Bin’s agency

Kim Woo Bin enjoys huge popularity across Asia and just completed Asian tour of his fan meeting in Macau , Taiwan , Thailand and Japan .

The actor is well known for his role in Korean Drama The Heirs 2013 and the most recent drama series Uncontrollably Fond 2016 .

Kim has already began treatment and we wish for his full recovery .