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9 Fun Facts about BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is very much love by A.R.M.Y fans and Kpop fans in general . Due to his cuteness and handsome look , Jungkook is one of the most search members of BTS . Today we present 9 must know fun facts about Jungkook .

Jungkook fun facts 1
Jungkook favorite color are red black and white and that’s why he is always seen wearing shirts in these 3 colors . Meanwhile Jungkook favorite number is 1 . We have to say number 1 suits him pretty well .

jungkook wearing black dress photo

Jungkook fun facts 2
Jungkook dislike bug but like those with cool feature such as Stag beetle . He used to have a stag beetle as pet in his younger years but because he did’t take care of it well enough , it died and left a lasting impression on him .

Jungkook fun facts 3 
Jungkook nicknames is  The Golden Maknae, Kookie or Jeon Jungkookie , and Nochu. With Kookie being the most popular one among his throngs of fans .

Jungkook fun facts 4
Like many other Kpop star , Jungkok role model is G Dragon from BigBang . When he was still in school , his ambition was to become a badminton player but changes to singer after Jungkook listened G dragon’s song . Check out Jungkook doing a cover of BigBang songs If You below .

Jungkook fun facts 5 
Although Jungkook was not a big fan or work out in his younger days , he was a handball player before the forming of Bangtan Boys . He also is a black belt in Taekwondo .

Jungkook fun facts 6 
He is into football , video games and drawing as well . Who knows that the golden Maknae Jungkook is quite artistic as well .He is known to be as avid Piano Tiles 2 gamer .

jungkook photo playing game

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Jungkook fun facts 7 
Jungkok can speaks in his native tongue Korean , Japanese and English but only the basic . Jungkook has been improving his English so that he can communicate with the ever growing fan base of BTS .

Jungkook fun facts 8
His favorite food – anything that made with flour . Like Bread and Pizza .

Jungkook fun facts 9 
Because of his rhinitis problems also known as Coryza , Jungkook always sniffles . Let us hope the conditions will go away soon .

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