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8 Best Sistar Song For You

Kpop Girl Group Sistar will not be as a group this time around next year . The members will pursue solo ativities or perhaps joining in other Kpop group . As of now , there are still no news about the future directions of Sistars members even though we know that Starship Entrtainment are in talks with the members about individuals contracts .

With 7 years in the Kpop industry as a group , the girls leave many footprints in the South Korean Entertainments including many many good songs . We take a look back at some Songs Below . The numbers are just there as reference and do not means one is better than the others .

Loving You

We have many favorite songs from Sistar and Loving you is definitely one of the best . Just like the music video itself , the song is great companion while on vacation .


When the song released , you can hear shopping malls spinning out Alone every chance they had . It is easy to sing along too . Especially when this parts comes up .

Wae tto na honja babeul meokgo
Na honja yeonghwareul bogo
Na honja norae hago
Ireohke na ulgo bulgo

Sistar New World

Two Words . Love it . The songs , and yes , the sailor moon inspired costumed .

So Cool

The songs is inspirational and the beats are just so hot !! From the moment they sings out the Words I wanna Rock , I wanna Rock , the song is upbeat and dancing music until the end .

How Dare You

The dance slash K Pop Rap song is what made us become a big Sistar’s Fan . When How Dare You first came out , it caused quite a stir because of its lyrics , and pole dancing section in its music video , but all that really matters are the beats and tones of the music . Quick tempo and slow rapping is our favorite .

Give it to me

The song made us remember Wonder girls during their early years .

Lead Me

Slow Ballads but it can be quite addictive after repeated listening .

One More Day

Absolutely love this . Even if you are not a K Pop fan , listen to this song and you will love the tempo . The lyrics are great as well if you translate it into English .

Below are the translations on some parts of the lyrics .

If you feel lonely even you’re in love
Then there’s something wrong

Even I shout to the wall
Even I try alone

One More Day , If I let this hand go of
You’ll blow away

One More Day If I stop this running
You’ll go far away

Even Though Sistar might not be together as a group anymore , their songs will always be there .