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6 Rookie Kpop Group Expected to become very Popular

Each year there will be many Kpop Group to debut in South Korea and many comes and go . Some Group just fade into oblivion , some kpop group went on to become internationally famous and some Kpop Group just quietly disbanded or inactive .

We list down this year most promising Kpop Group to debut this year and expected to reach far in Kpop Stardom .


Pristin is a 10 members girls group that officially debut on 9 march this year . 9 members of the group is Korean and one is from China . Only in a short 3 months the group already have a considerable size of fans . The group’s single Wee Woo is a catchy and refreshing track in terms of this year music release . Visuals of the group also contributed for their quick rise in South Korea Kpop Stardom . Get to know Nayoung in our previous post Learn More about Nayoung

Bonus Baby

Bonus baby receive much hype last year but currently there are not much buzz about the group . Even so , their music brings something different to the already jam packed Kpop music industry . Their musics have a very special resemblance of Japanese songs even their Music Video gives out the same feeling . Anime like or cosplay like cuteness is a big thing in Japanese music Market . While the group did not make a bigger splash , we predict the group will become quite hot and popular if the marketing done right and debut in Japan .

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A 12 members Kpop boy group , Varsity definitely rocks according to their youtube music video views alone . The group has seven Korean nationality members and another 5 from China . In a short 4 months Varsity music video of the song U R My Only one already surpassed 600 thousand views on Youtube . The group already have fans internationally from Malaysia , Indonesia and even to Arab . One of the group speciality is that their diverse members multi lingual ability . Seungho for instance can communicate in 4 language including English , Korean , French and Arabic .


Most Kpop girls group debut with cute images for fear of backlash or negative reviews from fans . And only then they will transition slowly into Sexy or hotter image . Bulldok is one exception . The group burst into Kpop industry with sexy and fierce song Why Not . In the music video the group presents a sexy image and the whole song is a rap / dance track . Currently the music video already reached 2 million views and we must say their agency really did something right . We predict the group will reached a great height in South Korea in no time just like 2NE1 did back when they debuted .


Ok . Maybe we are a bit biased on this group but we really expect them to do well . The group give us a Bruno Mars feels , and with their funky and extremely bright colouful outfit , they really made us to look twice . In the fashion department alone they already earn a high score from us . The music is also quite catchy with a bit of RNB mix with Korean style Pop . The group is also from the same company with Mamamoo .


Talk about being special and gimmicks , K.A.R.D have it all . The group debut with a mix gender theme with female and male in a single unit . Most Korean agency will simply divide them and make 2 seperate group linked with each other like bother group and sister group . The debut of K.A.R.D also receive a lot of attentions from Korean Media and Kpop news portal around the world . The members visual are also in top category with beautiful Somin and Jiwoo and Handsome boy members , J.Seph and BM . currenlty the group’s song Oh Na Na already reach 16 millions views in Youtube and this alone prove the popularity of this mix boy and girl kpop group .

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Any music industry is a tight race and in Kpop the race to the top is even harder . There is only a one to two years window for any group to make a splash and if proven otherwise or fail to make the impressions , then they will face with a high possibility of disbandment .