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6 KPOP Scandal that rocks the Korean Entertainment

Every entertainment world has its scandal and so is KPOP. The KPOP industry has been hit with many scandals over the years even before the the term KPOP reach worldwide recognition .

List of 10 scandal that rocks the Korean Entertainment Scene as below .

Yoo Seung-jun

The Yoo Seung-jun Scandal

Known as Steve Yo , ( his popular name ) is a South Korean Singer in United States . Though he’s not counted in term of KPOP celebrities , Yoo Seung Jun is on of the very first South Korean Celebrity that reaches recognition in United Stated due to his career there .

His scandal started when Steve Yoo stated and confirm that he will enlist in South Korean mandatory military service but when his time finally came in 2002 , he became a naturalized U.S. citizen . Because of this , The South Korean Government felt that his action as desertation and banned him from ever entering the country again .

Fast forward to 2011 , Yoo Stated that he has no plans to return to South Korea .

Tony An

The Tony An Scandal

Tony An was a famous South Korean Singer and a part of the KPOP Boy Band H.O.T . His scandal involved online gambling which was and still is illegal in South Korea . In the year 2013 , Tony An was investigated for illegal gambling and received the punishment of 6 month prison with another additional one year probation .

The Se7en Scandal

Choi Dong Wook or more popularly known as Se7en was involved in a KPOP scandal following an investigations that he visited a massage shop famous for prostitution whilst on military duty in the year 2013 .

According to Se7en , he visited a few other massage shop but were closed and finally settled in that particular store . He left the place as soon as he realized the place was actually a front for prostitution . Se7en receive 10 days in South Korean Military jail for the offense .

The PSY Scandal

A mega star in south Korean and already a legend in the Korean entertainment scene , PSY is not without any scandal throughout his KPOP history .

His Real name , Park Jae Sang was involved in a KPOP scandal back in the year 2002 . The controversies arise when PSY second album titled Sa 2 was complained on being bad influence for young teenager and children . The complainant was Civil Groups in South Korea . Because of the controversies and the weight of the issue , PSY’s album was banned in the year 2002 from being sold to anyone under 19 years old .

Through out his career , PSY has always been known as a controversial artist . In later years of his KPOP career , PSY rises into international stardom and become a legend in KPOP and Korean Entertainment Industry .

The Park Bom scandal

Park Bom is a member of one of the most famous KPOP girls group generations that debuts in 2010 . Her scandal actually started when she was investigated for drug smuggling through international mail back in 2010 . The package was sent by her family members who reside in the United States . The issue was put under investigations but there were no official charges .

The CEO of YG Entertainment explained that “Though the drug ( 80 tablets with amphetamine ) is illegal in South Korea , it’s legal in the United States” . The drug was actually for medication purposes and Park Bom had provided all the necessary documents to proved her issue to the prosecutor .

Because of the scandal , Park Bom stopped all her south Korean activities starting from Aug 15 , 2014 and remained inactive through out the period of 2014 to 2016 .

The Bangtan Boys Scandal

BTS who became a major influence of KPOP Genre in the western world this year is not without their very own scandal . Though the issue is not really a scandal but more to a funny misunderstanding  .

In the year 2014 , while Jin was creating a cooking tutorial , BTS fans noticed there was condom located behind him . It create controversies and the issue was trending in social media at that time .

BTS managing agency  then came out with a statement that it was in-fact a condom but that was just a gift from their fans . And the issue finally came to rest .

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