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5 Must visit Shopping Malls in Seoul South Korea

If you are visiting or planning to visit South Korea then these are the 5 shopping malls that must be visited in South Korea . The country is full of vacation and interesting places but as tourist , normally we only have limited time hence we only list 5 of the destinations .

D Cube City Mall 

This high shopping mall is a place where you can shop tills your leg gives up . Many international brands are located in D Cube such as H&M and Zara , and the food section is a must for any visitor . The Korean Market Street located inside D cube is full of Traditional South Korean Dishes that will makes you melt and yearn for more . Catch their daily musical shows here as well .

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11:00 – 21:30, Sat – Sun 11:00 – 22:00
Location: 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul , South Korea

Lotte Department Store 

Huge department store that sells anything ranging from jewelry , handbags to electronics . Like any other top shopping mall in South Korea that connected to hotels ,  Lotte department store is connected to Lotte International Hotel which makes it easier and more convenience for shoppers . The location is perfect for bargain hunter as well since this shopping mall is located in Myeongdong district . After a day stroll here , just head out to Myundeong market to find cheap and affordable souvenir . One speciality of this place is that there is one duty free store here .

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30 – 20:00
Location : 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul , South Korea

Mecenatpolis Mall

An open-air concept type of  shopping mall , Mecenatpolis is popular hangout places for photography lovers . This shopping mall has many feature spots that can filled up your memory card likes beautiful garden , artistic hanging decorations and glass bridges. Shop , eat and most important hang out and take a break here in their various brands of coffee shop while enjoying the indoor scenery .

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Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 17:00
Location: 490, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Lotte Young Plaza 

If you love Kpop fashion , then you will definitely love Lotte Young Plaza .Just like all the the time when you open up magazines or Korean news site , looking at those new apparels such as the trendy Red Velvet Irene fashion , this place can satisfy your hunger. The place is specially catered to young adults and fashion forwards for all the hippest and trendiest fashion in South Korea . You can find many range and brands of International hottest fashion brands here as well as Hip local brands . Definitely a must go shopping mall in South Korea for fashion lovers .

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30 – 21:30
Location: 15 Sail-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul , South Korea

Doota ( Doosan Tower )

Have you experience shopping until 5 in the morning ? If not then this is just the perfect place . The shopping mall opens until 5 in the morning and when you finished up you swaps , just head outside to see the beautiful morning sky of South Korea . The place also houses around 600 individual outlets . Talk about getting your shopping time worth .

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 10:30 – 05:00, Sun 10:30 – 00:00
Location: 275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul , South Korea