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5 Must visit Magical Places in South Korea

South Korea the home country of KPOP is not just about Kpop Music or Hallyu Wave . In fact South Korean has many magical places to explore . Having 4 seasons also contributes to having many colorful trees and changing landscape view when the season . Check out our list of 5 magical places to explore in South Korea .

Seongsan Sunrise Peak , South Korea

Any place that is designated as world heritage site is sure to be magical and special . Seongsan Sunrise Peak fits all of the above . The places have many locals plant species to explore but the most magical things to do here is its magnificent sunrise . To reach the peak will takes around 30 minutes but it is worth it when you see one of the most magnificent Sunrise .

Kyeong Wha Station Jinhae , South Korea

This is only a train station and what is the fuss all about right ? But the place is packed with tourist hoping to capture magical moments like above . When the train comes and combined with the station Cherry Blossom leaves falling , we definitely want to experience this romantic atmosphere .

Seryang Je South Korea

Fairy like places . The surrounding colorful tree especially when spring come makes the places looks like a heaven on earth . It is a reservoir built way back in 1969 and since has become one of the must visit place in Hwasun .

Poppy Garden, Paju South Korea

Talks about being magical . Not everyday you get to see poppy plants let alone planted openly . Expect plenty of “wow” moments and Instagram worthy share here .

Nami Island 

The word magical cannot be enough to describe this place . Popular even before it was used as a backdrop from the hot Korean Drama Winter Sonata , Nami Island has flooded Pinterest page of Places to visit in South Korea . Metasequoia road the backdrop where the meeting points between Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo stood for many time in Winter Sonata is not only the attraction here . Take a stroll around the island and you will get to see how the locals live and the lovely surrounding beach .

South Korea is a great place to visit not only in spring , in fact all year round the country have places that suits every seasons . In case you are wondering for more magical places , stay tuned for our next recommendations .