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10 things that Taylor Swift likes

As a Swifty , you sure knows a lot about Taylor Swift but do you what what are the 10 things that Taylor Swift like the most ? We recollect some of her favorite things and make it into one mega list below .

Taylor Swift Likes no 1  – Taylor swift likes to paint , and by paint , we actually meant a lot ! She is known to paint whenever the opportunity presents itself .

Photo from the Independent .

Taylor Swift Likes no 2 – The number 13th , Taylor swift had said previously that the number 13th is her lucky number . And she also said whenever she saw the number 13th, good lucks always follow . Aside from that , she was born on the 13th as well .

Taylor Swift Likes no 3 – Taylor Swift is a foodie . she appreciate any food is specially made or taste good . She simply adore Cheesecake and cinnamon rolls .

Taylor Sit Likes no 4 – Taylor swift like the holidays season . One of her most favorite is Christmas where she gets to spend the days with her family and friends and exchange presents . And without the need to say , she love Birthday as well . Do does not like birthday . Taylor is a big fan of summer . When the summer comes , it is the time of joy when she can enjoy all the sun and yes , Taylor swift Swimwear fashion is adorable .

taylor swift reads

Taylor Swift Likes no 5 – Do you know that Taylor swift Favorite books are the The Hunger Games and To Kill a Mockingbird , Murder on the Orient Express and Then there we none ?

Taylor Swift likes no 6 – Taylor swift love fashion . But fashion we did not mean all high end . She simply love any fashion that looks good . Add high heels to her favorite choice of footwear as well , though she is afraid of them before , know she conquered her fear .

Taylor Swift likes no 7 – Taylor is a movie fan . Just like many of us . She not only enjoys movie , she connect the movie that she watches to specific times and places.

taylor swfit playing iphone

Taylor Swift Likes no 8 – Okay this is easy and we believe most Swifty knows that she is her big fan of iPhone right ? But aside from this , she just love iPhone cases . She collects specially designed iPhone cases and keep them as collections .

Taylor Swift Likes no 9 – Taylor is a do it yourself kind a person . She likes to build things . Not everyday you get a superstars who’s into DIY .

Taylor Swift Likes no 10 – Aside from travelling and going on vacations Taylor Swift actually like the process of “going to vacation” . She enjoys the moment when she can just sit in a car and enjoys the scenery .

More on Taylor Swift Likes , 

  • She  likes to read on medical subjects that are weird .
  • Taylor Favorite choice of fashion is Sundress ( This is one of the reason why likes Summer a lot ) and Cowboy boots .
  • Taylor Sings in the shower ! She had previously admitted that she sings her own songs when in shower . Just like the rest of us singing her songs while showering . Every tried it ?

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