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10 most sexy image of T-ara’s Jiyeon

T-ara’s members are known for their projected sexy images , and Jiyeon is one of the sexiest member aside from Hyomin of course .

Do not mistaken us as calling Jiyeon as eye candy as she is definitely in the ranking if in terms of vocal sound . The ever sexy Hyomin and Jiyeon was also chosen as one of the 10 most popular Kpop celebrity in China recently .

Congratulations to T-ara as they have been using China as their focus base for a long time now and with both country in political mouse and cat , it’s great to see it did not affected Jiyeon , Hyomin ( and T-ara of course ) popularity .

10 of Jiyeon hottest and sexiest images 

Jiyeon sexy 6

Jiyeon sexy 5

Jiyeon sexy 4

Jiyeon sexy 3

Jiyeon sexy

Jiyeon sexy underwear

Jiyeon sexy dance

Jiyeon sexy 2