10 must know Korean Phrases if you are to visit South Korea


There are some phrases that you must learn before visiting South Korea . Why ? just for the sake of convenience we supposed .

Looking to visit South Korea anytime soon ? The country is so beautiful and South Korea is full of Interesting places to explore . From the brick and mortar sky scrapper to beautiful scenery South Korea has it all .

And of course many tourist love most about this country is the Korean Shopping Heaven opportunity . Convenience of going from one place to another via the public transport is a big plus as well .

Today we present a list of 10 must know words so they can be in some help when bargaining or when the emergency of natural calls arrive . Without much blabbing on , lets continue to the Important Korean Phrases .

Must Know South Korean Phrases no 1 , The most important in our opinion is – I don’t understand Korean .

Hangukmal    mot hae yo Translate to I don’t speak Korean .

No 2 is a continuation from the first where you ask , can you speak English . In Korean it is Yeong eo haseyo ?

Phrases no 3 , Where is the toilet . Every tourist will meet this point whenever you travel and when you cannot find one or just to rush to find for yourself , then this phrases might of some help .

Hwajangsil eodi eyo ?  translate to Where is the bathroom?

Must know South Korean Phrases no 4 , Greetings of Thank you . When someone helped you then it is only polite to offer thanks in return . To say thank you in Korean , Kamsa hamnida . If you are love Korean Drama , then we bet you already knows this phrase in Korean even better than us .

Phrases no 5 is a continuation from above where it is important , yes it is really important to answer politely and say you are welcome in return if you receive Thanks . To say you are welcome in Korean is Cheon maneyo .

Phrases no 6 is still continuation from the greetings part where if you done anything wrong such as accidentally bumped into someone then you should say Chway seong ham nida which means I’m sorry .

Phrases no 7 , Excuse me . Where it is useful if someone blocks your path , then you should say Jam Shi Man Yo

No 8 is useful for shopping where you said “please give” in Korean is Ju Se Yo .

No 9 , continued from above , “this thing” i geo  . so when you see an item that you like in a shop you can say i geo Ju Se Yo .

Our last must know phrases in Korean is please take my picture . When travelling there might be an opportunity for photo but if you are without selfie stick or would love someone for help , then this is what you need to say , Sajin Jigeo Juseyo translate to please take my picture .

Of course before asking for help ,one must always say hello as a basic manners  Ann Yeong Ha Se Yo since this is one of the most known Korean phrases after all .

Do you like our post ? if you did , do stay tuned for more on our next edition of learning Korean from the most basic as tourist to more advance in the near future .