10 latest image of Han SeoHee from T.O.P Marijuana Case


Do you wonder who is this girl Han SeoHee from T.O.P case and what she looks like ? We have here 10 of latest image of Han SeoHee and she definitely have the looks of an idol . Born on September 2 1995 , Han SeoHee is currently 22 years old and she was in the MBC show , Birth of a Great Star 3 . But sadly she missed out on the top ten , though eventually she did sign up with a Kpop Entertainment agency , Jelly Fish Entertainment .

After the events of T.O.P went on viral in the internet , many have been guessing and looking for more images of Han SeoHee since there are little information known about her . We do have some of her latest image below .

Han Seo Hee
From the images , it seems that Han Seo Hee is quite into skin care

Han Seo Hee T.O.P

Han Seo Hee