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10 G Dragon Hairstyle looks proves he is Style Icon and Fashion Trend Setter

G Dragon from Bigbang is known to change his looks dramatically from one time to another . Last month G Dragon might be red haired , next he will change it to green or even Pink.

Not only his hairstyle ,  G Dragon overall looks is considered one of the most fashionable in Asia and he definitely deserve the title Fashion Icon . Combined with his cool Charisma and great fashion senses , GD never failed to make an impression whenever he makes an appearance . His boldness in going for the untested hairstyle always pays off in stunning ways .

The trendsetter fashion is not only followed by many of his fans , even Kpop Idols and Hallyu Star had said that G Dragon hair style is top class in fashion trends . Let us take a look of the changes throughout his colorful KPOP career .

G dragon top fashion

G dragon in pink hairstyle

bigbang g dragon hairstyle

G dragon dramatic hairstyle

G Dragon FAshionable Hairstyle