10 Most Beautiful image of Elris Sohee


    Sohee from the latest Kpop group to debut this year is really beautiful . One of the most beautiful kpop idols to debut this year . SoHee cute and angelic visuals is just too mesmerizing . Born in 1999 , she is indeed one beautiful Capricorn . Just debuted in a month , SoHee already garnered much attention from Kpop news media and has already becoming a hot topic in Social Media due to her beautiful visuals and singing talents .

    Armed with several talents in musics , including singing , dancing and playing the Guitar , we predict Sohee will join the Kpop Stardom in no time . Check out some of her most beautiful image below .

    Sohee Elris beautiful
    Sohee looking beautiful as ever in their debut music video
    Sohee beautiful
    Her Cinderella like visual is really stunning

    Sohee looks like IU
    What do you think ? Do you think that Sohee from Elris resembles IU a little bit ?